What is coaching?

Coaching is evidence-based conversation with curated questions to help you dive deep into what has been getting in your way. People frequently experience a desire to make changes to their life but end up making little to no progress. The process of coaching unlocks previously untapped sources of personal strength, motivation, imagination, and productivity.

Basically, this means that my role as a Life Coach is to help you deeply explore your inner truth. I offer accountability, support, and a system to help you figure out what’s holding you back. Through this you will uncover what has been getting in your way and why you repeat patterns. You will be able to start healing from your past by shifting your perspective to one of understanding, acceptance, forgiveness. You will learn more about yourself then you ever knew and tune into your goals. You will change your thinking, your attitude and get out of your comfort zone. Oh! And awareness: you’ll figure out how to become who you want to be.

You will make the mindset or behavior shifts necessary to break open your mind and see all your worth. With my help, you will let go and will begin to see yourself as a person who has the right to exist, to belong, to be loved, to ask for help and be absolutely and fully YOU with no fear.

How will this program help me?

It will help by teaching you how to get out of your own head and see things as they really are, not as your narrative tells you, the narrative that formed from the need to protect yourself.

Can I cancel at any time?

Once you sign up, you have 24 hours to cancel. After that, there are no refunds. We all deal with buyers’ remorse sometimes. This refund policy exists for your benefit as well, as coaching is a powerful process and at times, you may feel “up against a wall” or as if something isn’t working. Feeling uncomfortable is often a perfect sign that you are releasing obstacles and limiting beliefs.

What’s included in a coaching session?

All Coaching offerings include the same core elements:

  • A safe space to be exactly who you are
  • Empowering questions that encourage you to reflect with a new perspective
  • New discoveries and connections made
  • Accountability check-ins, brainstorming, and action steps