I'm Deirdre Won-Short

I am a Certified Health Coach and Life Coach, and I am passionate about guiding people to reach their potential by learning how to understand and manage their emotions. I coach them to let go of what they cannot control, thereby opening them up to living a fulfilled life.

After spending years working in the helping professions, I realized that people need more direction than what is readily available. I created Carriage House Coaching, LLC to provide the tools and support that people need and want. I help my clients figure out what has been getting in their way and then, how to get it out of their way. Today, Carriage House Coaching, LLC is a bustling business with numerous success stories. As a coach, I am highly gifted at helping people drive through all the dead wood in their lives — and then doing something about it.

When I am not coaching, I’m a mom to three teen boys, a registered nurse, a teacher, a counselor, and life coach at a private high school.  Plus, I’m a wife, daughter, sister, friend…

I’m a certified life coach, a certified health coach, a registered nurse, a teacher and intuitive as all heck. That means that when we work together you get my attention on you and together we will figure out what has been getting in your way.

Here’s why you should work with me

You know how you feel stuck? Or have a hard time connecting in a way that is meaningful? You’ve lost your passion, feel overwhelmed or even trapped? These are all clues that you need some help to move forward.

I understand how you feel because I was you.

I felt like I was actor in play; I was not being the real me because I was stuck in the idea of who I should be. I was always told I should calm down and pipe down – but I couldn’t because that’s not who I am. As a result, every time I spoke up or allowed my exuberance to come out, I felt shame because I wasn’t conforming to these expectations that now lived in my head. I felt like I didn’t belong or fit in, and it took me decades to figure out that boxing myself in because of others’ expectations was the exact thing that was causing these feelings.

I was fed up with living under the cloud of what I thought was expected of me. I didn’t want to sit down and shut up.

I wanted to be me, all of me.

Guess what? I’m sensitive, dramatic, loud, hilarious, impulsive, smart, woo-woo, compassionate, and kind. Once I began to lean into the things that I knew were true about me, my world started to open. Then, I was suddenly seeing all the ways I had held myself back – the expectations of others weren’t holding me back, it was me.

This is when satisfaction became a constant feature of my life.

I have created the reality that I want based on the story I have about myself now.

We can all do this, but the key ingredient is knowing who you really are and what you really want. Crafting your life around what you already believe about yourself will lead you to do what you’ve always done. For instance, if you believe you are worthless and stupid, then that is exactly what you will find evidence of in your life. But when you do the work with me, and you find out who you really really are (organized, brilliant, a little silly, frugal?) your life will shift.

I see people around me all the time who live with these outrageous stories that they tell themselves about who they are. It’s time to stop. Enough is enough. You have always been the one to decide who you are – why not choose to be someone you really want to be? Let me help you figure it out and get you loving who you are, and then watch the life you want unfold right in front of you.

We need to be doing everything we can to be the person we were sent to this earth to be