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I became a coach because of the profound insights I gained from working with coaches myself. I realized that this was powerful work and so very important for every person to do.

You can expect to improve your self-esteem, take control of your thoughts, and reach a level of emotional freedom that you’ve always wanted. I’m here to help you access the real you, the you that lives in your heart.

I provide a safe, open and honest space where you can find the clarity you need to let go of what you’ve been doing and confidently move toward what you want.

I Got You

90-Day Transformational Coaching Program

Each session in this 90-Day program is one hour. These transformational private coaching sessions are unique and customized to you based on your interests and goals. This is where we work on your vision for your life. I will help you create a clear, intentional, and focused vision for your life. As we move through the program, we will work to unpack what your obstacles are, and get to the source of what’s holding you back, so we can remove those blocks and you can move forward. This is the work. I show you where the path is, and you lead us on the journey, guiding your growth based on what feels the most right to you.

Session format:

Every time we meet, we start with a win – you share what went well and we celebrate that. Then we review your action steps from the previous week and anything that has come up between sessions. From there, we dive into the coaching magic! Your sense of direction will become clear, and you get to choose what your action step will be for the week. We close with sharing an a-ha, inspiration or realization from the session.

What’s Included:

  • Twelve (12) 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Focused accountability and support
  • Unlimited texting 24/7
  • A 15-minute mini- session if you run into a tough spot and need more support than texting
  • A summary of each session sent to your email

This is for you if:

  • you are sick of being resentful of the way people have been treating you
  • you’re ready to let go of the regrets you have been holding on to
  • you’re an over-thinker and you need help figuring out how to manage your run away mind
  • you need accountability to help you make changes
  • you love expanding your mind
  • you enjoy having breakthroughs
  • you prefer a one-to-one setting that is laser-focused on you

Releasing the Three Rs: Saying Goodbye to Resentments, Ruminations, and Regrets

We all experience regrets, resentments, and ruminations (I call them the Three Rs) in our life that are keeping us from living the life we want, and it’s time to let them go. This 10-week course challenges you to question the fear-based stories you tell yourself that have been dictating how you live your life. It will allow you to unpack what keeps you from letting go of things that are holding you back. It will help you figure out why you haven’t done what you really want to do. You will uncover the things you’ve been angry about for decades and get rid of the thoughts that keep you up at night. This course teaches you how to unpack the Three Rs, shift your perspective on them, and then release them. By the end of our ten weeks together, you will feel empowered and the things that have gotten in your way will no longer hold you back from living life as you wish. This incredibly powerful course is heavy on breakthroughs and a-ha moments. Course requirements include the book Loving What Is by Byron Katie, and an open mind. We meet as a group once weekly on Zoom for 90 minutes, and there will be weekly reading and written assignments. Group size maximum is ten participants.

What’s included:

  • Ten (10) virtual course sessions for 90-minutes each
  • Mastery level coaching woven into every class
  • Focused accountability and support
  • Unlimited texting 24/7
  • Discounted one-to-one coaching session between classes if you need clarity or get triggered


The investment for this 10-week course is $533 which can be paid in full or in two monthly payments of $266.50. We will meet once a week over zoom if the class is virtual. This course is occasionally offered live. Check events for updates.

Inner Harmony: Journaling and Meditation Practices to Heal from Within

In this 12-week course, we meet weekly to learn powerful journaling, visualization, and meditation techniques designed to release stress and overwhelm, and help improve your overall mental and emotional wellbeing. A different theme will be introduced each week.

Benefits of journaling:

Reduces depression and anxiety
Helps you bounce back from stress quickly
Boosts your immunity
Writing with pen and paper increases memory-retention, learning, and creativity
Writing in a journal enhances your brain’s focus
Your sense of gratitude increases with journaling, which has tremendous health benefits.
Allows you to gain perspective

Benefits of meditation:

Increases mental and physical resilience
Increases self-awareness
Teaches you to focus on the present
Increases positive emotions
Improves imagination and creativity
Increases patience and tolerance
Strengthens nervous system


The investment for this 12-week course is $333 up front or two payments of $166.50. We will meet once a week, over zoom if the class is virtual. This course is occasionally offered live. Check events for updates.

A coach-led community of folks who love provocative discussion designed to expand your thinking and increase your sense of belonging and purpose.

In this forum, we meet every other week as a group on Zoom for a 60-minute discussion that will include enlightening conversation and laser focused life coaching. Your experience will be guided by what you need: you can sit back and absorb all the wisdom or you can actively participate, it’s up to you because it’s your place to learn and grow. At least one person will have a chance to be coached at each meeting.

Being involved in group discussions offers some profound benefits, especially when you or someone else in the group is being coached. It can

  • Increase your sense of belonging and purpose
  • Create feelings of connectedness
  • Boost your self-worth

Improve progress toward your goals This is a place where no question is off limits and nothing is too weird! Join us if you appreciate feeling a sense of community and being supported in a loving environment that gently challenges your thinking and broadens your world.

Benefits: of joining at the monthly rate include:

  • Two CHC monthly cCollective meetings per month
  • One 60- minute individual coaching session every six months
  • 15% off any other purchases you make with CHC while you are a member


  • you are ready to understand yourself in a new way
  • you are ready to move on from the old stories that have been guiding your choices and actions
  • you are ready to unlock deeper layers of self awareness & develop self responsibility
  • you want to add something unique and fulfilling to your life
  • you want to be the best, well rounded version of yourself that you can imagine

Then you will love this community!
Can’t wait to see you there!

The investment for CHC Collective is $33/month.
If you’re not ready for the monthly commitment you can drop in to any meeting you like for $50 per meeting.