Gina B

Deirdre is an excellent coach, I have been struggling with feeling like one opportunity is taking away from another opportunity and that my focus on what I really want to do and what feels right and fulfilling means that I’m not doing what I set out to do in the first part. What Coach Deirdre helped me see and realize is that both opportunities relate, they benefit each other making me a stronger coach.

Deirdre provided the guidance to help me achieve clarity, give myself permission to pursue my desires and also see that I don’t have to choose this or that, but instead I can have both. After today’s coaching call I feel such relief and enthusiasm for my next steps. I can’t wait to check in with her for our next coaching call to show her my progress towards my goals.

Deirdre is a coach who cheers yet holds accountable, the perfect mix to keep me moving towards progress and goal attainment.

Thank you, Deirdre for being my coach