Dianne S

My experience before working with you wasn’t good. I was mildly depressed, having great difficulty with controlling my diabetes not caring about much. After seeing you on Facebook, I thought maybe you could help me. I contacted you in desperate need of help and not sure of the outcome.

After working with you I began to feel hopeful. You gave me so much information about diabetes that I had no idea what was really happening to my body. There were many “Aha” moments that created an awareness in myself. We uncovered some underlying issues that helped bring me to a better place in my life. I was able to overcome some fears that have made a difference! For that I’m grateful!

As I began to reflect on my experiences with you, I now view myself in a different light. Learning how to make good food choices that improve my blood sugars. Being aware of how I’m feeling and what an impact that can have when I’m trying to control my diabetes. Again, I began to feel hopeful, strong and confident! Moving forward I know I can do this! Thank you so much Deirdre!